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Videos for Jonah

My son, Jonah, is 9 years old and extremely creative and inventive. He loves music with a beat. He loves rap, techno, and groove. His two favorite rappers are Lecrae and Toby Mac. He also wants to be the first person to create wings so he can fly. A year ago, he spent months gathering feathers together that he would find in our back yard. One day, he borrowed my duct tape and some sticks. A few hours later he emerged with a set of wings. A month ago, he tried to fashion our car’s dash protector into wings. In honor of Jonah, I am sharing some videos that are worth your time.

Video: Better Choices = Better Stewardship

I appreciate this video from one of my favorite restaurants: Chipotle. It emphasizes the importance of developing a sustainable food system. It’s one of the reasons that we will choose Chipotle as a family, not to mention their emphasis on local organic produce. Quite simply: better choices = better stewardship…

Video: Blessed Be Your Name

Six years ago, I was going through an especially painful season of life when I happened across the song Blessed Be Your Name by Matt Redman. The words of the chorus are taken from Job 1:21 and deeply ministered to my heart, especially in view of all that Job endured. I wrote Matt an email expressing how much the song impacted me and his daughter wrote me back expressing thanks for the kind words. At the time, I had no inkling of the pain and difficulty ahead for our family over the next six years. Because of this, the song is even more rich and profound today. My wife recently found this video, which we think beautifully expresses the essence of the Scripture and song.