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What is Kingdom Seed?

Kingdom Seed is a podcast aiming to record a wide variety of stories from the diverse body of Christ. After recording them we will put them online for people to access and share for free. The content of the show is an audio only testimony of a Christian. There will be a short 10-15 second intro, followed by the testimony, and then ending with a brief interview. I hope to record testimonies in the range of 30 minutes to 2 hours with a marathon goal of 1 testimony each month.

Why do this?

The purpose of this podcast is designed to encourage believers and engage non-believers. We are not doing this for money. The podcast will be put online for free, and will remain for free. We will never charge for this service, and we have no plans for asking for financial support as well. We just want to encourage people with great stories that point people to Jesus.

Who is doing this?

My name is Daniel Johnson and I live in Portland, OR with my wife Jenn, and my son James. I graduated from Multnomah Bible College in May 07 and currently freelance as a motion graphics designer and run two separate video production business’. I have a heart for sharing the gospel, and want to run the race well. I have been happily married since December of 03, and we already have two little ones.


  • 24 :: William Wilberforce March 9, 2012
    William is largely credited for the abolishment of the slave trade. The story of his life was made into a movie entitled “Amazing Grace” released in 2006. This message is copyright 2002 by John Piper. Used with permission.
  • 23 :: Peter Eversmeyer February 8, 2012
    Peter was raised in a Catholic home. After the sex scandals in the Catholic church he found himself doing drugs and failing classes in school. His life took a 180 when a young woman talked to him about Jesus...
  • 22 :: Brother Yun January 5, 2012
    After 100 days of prayer and fasting Brother Yun received his first bible. Few Christians have endured so many intense trials for the sake of Jesus. God used this man to be one of the main leaders of the unauthorized underground church movement in China.
  • 21 :: Daniel Scot December 8, 2011
    Daniel grew up in Pakistan as a Christian. After facing increasing persecution for his faith he fled to Australia. He has since started a ministry to help Christians understand Islam. With permission from Voice of the Martyrs
  • 20 :: Milan Homola November 4, 2011
    Milan lived for himself. After 9/11 he opened a bible and learned what it really meant to be a follower of Jesus, become wise, and live for others. He started a non-profit that unites Churches in community service:
  • 19 :: Bob Sayson September 5, 2011
    Bob Sayson studied medicine. He wasn't content to go with the flow of mainstream christianity or medical practice. Hear how is relationship with God changed his personal and professional life.
  • 18 :: Art Katz August 3, 2011
    Art Katz was a Jewish “modern” man. On a journey of self discovery he struggles with hatred, and encounters arguments that undermines his philosophical understanding of everything.
  • 17 :: Bruce Frye July 1, 2011
    Bruce dreamed of being a music star, and then he became one. His emptiness led him to try to be a good person. Eventually through the prayer of his brother and the mercies of God he met Jesus.
  • 16 :: Daniel Graybeal June 2, 2011
    His journey began as a pastor humbly taught him what it means to be a Christian. He actively pursued bible education and frequently served in missions. He eventually started a ministry in the war torn area of Côte d'Ivoire in west Africa.
  • 15 :: Kirk Cameron April 13, 2011
    Kirk Cameron is best known as Mike Seaver from the television series Growing Pains. On the inside he felt empty even though he had everything going for him. Hear his story, as well as an important message that he shares along with Ray Comfort...