familyMy name is Scott Olson. I live in Colorado Springs, CO. Passion for Christ Ministries was birthed in me 13 years ago. I’ve been writing worship songs from my engagement of Scripture in the midst of life periodically over the last 18+ years; however, our family was primarily engaged in church planting ministry (until 2009). Our plea before the Father is that that we would partner with the church worldwide in order that the kingdom of God might spread throughout all the earth like yeast through dough, hastening the return of the Lord Jesus.

Save Me Lord

Song: Save Me Lord
Authors: Scott Olson
Leadsheet: Save Me Lord
Scripture: Romans 6,7,8
Comment: I wrote this song for a course I was taking on the Pauline epistles because I was grappling with my flesh, crying out to the one who can save me and bring victory.
Download (mp3): $1.00

Answer Me

Song: Answer Me
Authors: Scott Olson
Leadsheet: Answer Me
Scripture: Psalm 69:3,16-18,30,32,34
Comment: Written during a time in our lives when my wife and I were struggling through infertility and childbearing issues with the Lord.
Download (mp3): $1.00

Extend Your Mercy to Me

Song: Extend Your Mercy to Me
Authors: Scott Olson and Chris Furgason
Leadsheet: Extend Your Mercy to Me
Scripture: Psalm 28:6-7; Matthew 11:28-30
Comment: This song was a collaboration with a friend who wrote most of the lyrics.  I added some lyrics, arranged it, and crafted the music.  It is a song about redemption in brokenness.
Download (mp3): $1.00